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Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 11:15 am
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i would name her rock n' roll Jan. 18th, 2006 @ 09:52 pm
I haven't taken any new photos but I know there are some new people on here that haven't seen me so I thought I'd share some pics cause I was looking through all of mine and these are my favourite

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nothing quite like the feel of something new... Jan. 18th, 2006 @ 05:27 pm
greetings. :) sorry for the first post overload.

prolly not to work safe but...Collapse )

friendly reminder for everyone Jan. 17th, 2006 @ 01:54 pm
just a little reminder:

all naked posts need to be friends only, ok? it just keeps down the weird adder/stalker population.

that being said:

if you try to join subversivegirls, and i look at your info and see the following

-no birthdate/you're under 18
-almost exclusively porn communities
- i just get a creepy stalker vibe from you

i will definitely not accept your request. most of the girls on here are people i've invited, or have been referred, or are friends one way or another. If you're a girl just wanting to be part of the group, that's totally fine! don't let us intimidate you.

i'm mostly trying to weed out creepy perv guys that are here for jerk off material. thats not what this community is about. and i don't plan to let it become that.

Nov. 4th, 2005 @ 11:26 pm
I have posted on here before, but I wanted to share some of my favourite photos that have been taken in the past year..so here goes

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Other entries
well, basically, i just joined subversivegirls because it seemed like a cool place to be and i just wanted to say hey. i'm heather, 18, student, winnipeg.

i haven't been feeling very inspired lately, nor do i have a competant photographer around (i'm looking, by the way, if you're around here and interested) so i figured i'd share a somewhat lame pic taken earlier in my bathroom.

I call it in an experiment in lime green as sexyCollapse )

Also, Happy Halloween!
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so it's been a while, i have good news, and i have bad.

for those of you who aren't connected more closely in LJ, I am separating from my husband. and i couldn't be happier, to be perfectly blunt.

unfortunately, this puts our plans for the subversivegirls party on hold. same goes for the website. but don't despair! i haven't given up on the website. (I think dontcallmemandy would kick my butt if i did!)

I'm re-adjusting my real life and moving. living close to the
lovely Bird who i can't rave about anough.. She has been such an overwhelming help, literally providing my window i needed to escape the misery i'm in.
she also incidentally runs thatbirdsnest.com
(which is no longer a pay site, so to see some fantastic photography, as well as stunning,
beautiful girls, check it out!!! join the message board!)

anyways, so the projected launch has been put off, but it's imperative that i figure out my personal life before i press onto doing this.

So keep posting here, and this will give us plenty of time to plan and prepare for the glorious debut of besubversive.com
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i just thought i'd let everyone know i added this to the info

"edited note: I have not been accepting applicants who only have other "naked girl" communities on their list. if you are a serial adder, or a troll, or simply a person out there solely looking to gawk at naked girls, this isn't the community for you. i hate to have to be inclusive like that,but i am more concerned for the girls' comfort and safety in this community."

i've been getting quite a few guys wanting to add us to their list of naked girl communities. while that might be flattering and all, that's not what this community is about.

love ya girls.
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call for submissions(extended deadline)--please distribute widely

Tell us what’s important to your femme cultural heritage.
The Vancouver Femme Affinity Group
is putting together volume 3 of our humble zine. We’re looking for submissions of all types on the theme of femme culture and inspiration.

The zine is open to whomever would like to contribute. Femmes from all backgrounds and experiences. Anyone who identifies as femme or feels that femmes have had an impact on their life, or just feels that have something to say about the topic of femme.

For more info or to send submissions please contact:
misslollygag AT gmail DOT com
dramatique AT gmail DOT com
glittermary AT shaw DOT ca (or to order zines 1 & 2)

Deadline for submissions:
September 1st , 2005
All successful contributors will receive a copy of the zine.

jana, if this isn't appropriate, just delete it. i know at least 3 members of this community who are femmes, and i figured there are probably more. your comment that "femme is subversive" reminded me to post it here!(
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I keep meaning to post more, but I feel shlubbly lately. Therefore, the other people in this group should take it upon themselves to post more sexiness so that I get inspired.
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